private yoga

Juliana has been offering private yoga instruction in NYC since 2004. She’s trained and experienced in multiple modalities, including Prenatal, Restorative & Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Pelvic Floor Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics. She can guide students in breath technique and/or meditation. Whether working with brand new beginners, more experienced yogis or when mentoring other yoga teachers, whether adapting the practice for those with health challenges or when guiding those in the nexus of health, regardless she’s deeply honored to share her love & respect of Yoga with you.


Photography by  Darryl Ray

Photography by Darryl Ray

Julianna helped me connect and be with myself tonight in a profound way during our yoga practice. “Delicious” is an understatement for the restorative flowing goodness she led us through. OMG!! If you want something deeper than strict asanas and competition with your sweaty/bendy/distracting neighbor, I highly recommend her classes.
— Jenn Lee Superstar


FREQUENCY/REGULARITY: Many of Juliana’s students have a regular or a semi-regular time, while a few schedule their classes according to their changing schedule. And though some practice with Jules weekly, others book a session ‘now & then'. .

DAY/TIME: Reach out to Juliana and let her know of your interest and availability.


Private Yoga can occur in your place of work. It can happen within a rented studio space, with an additional rental fee. It can even occur in the privacy of your home, so long as you are referred to Juliana by someone she knows or following an interview, for obvious safety reasons.


Classes are 60-minutes in length. Please allow extra time for our first class together.


WHAT TO WEAR: Wear loose comfortable clothing. And be prepared to be bare footed. Unless we are practicing Restorative Yoga, in which case you might want to wear socks.

EATING BEFORE CLASS: It’s generally best to practice on any empty stomach. If however you’re pregnant, diabetic, hypoglycemic or have other particular blood sugar or caloric needs, please care for yourself in a wise manner.

SAUCHA: Saucha is Sanskrit for cleanliness or purity. It is a precept of Yoga. Please wear clean clothes to practice. Good personal hygiene is appreciated. If we are using your Yoga mat, this extends to your care of your Yoga mat. And if we’re practicing in your home, please ensure the area in which we’ll practice is reasonably neat and tidy. THANK YOU!