Living now yoga


(Painting by Janice Quiles Reyes)

Photography by Jesse Winter at  Ten10Studios

Photography by Jesse Winter at Ten10Studios

Welcome Dear One,

My personal experience practicing and teaching Yoga is this: Yoga returns us to who we are in our essence, so we can live in the joy, wellness and ease that’s our birthright. By developing awareness of our body, mind and breath, we shed our limiting patterns and reveal our innate capacity to be powerful and relaxed. This unfolding practice takes the rest of our lives, and it creates enhanced freedom (physically mentally and emotionally) and diminished suffering (physically, mentally & emotionally).

If you already have a regular Yoga practice, you know, first-hand what I’m referring to. If you’re new to Yoga then no description can properly point the way. Just as I couldn’t describe the taste of a ripe peach to someone who’s never tasted one, I could only say, “I really encourage you to taste it for yourself, it’s extremely delicious!”