Photography by  Darryl Ray

Photography by Darryl Ray

Juliana was absolutely born to be a yoga teacher. When she teaches she brings her deep reverence for yoga, a vast knowledge of anatomy and an endless love for her students. She cultivates warmth and community…It’s transformational.
— Pamela Rosin, psychotherapist

mentoring with juliana

Juliana is available for one-on-one mentoring programs, either from January-March or from June-August. Mentoring with her can be done through the studios at which she teaches (The Yoga Room or Sacred Sounds Yoga) or directly with her. through Living Now Yoga.

Currently, she’s only accepting mentorships with students with whom she has an established relationship (i.e. they regularly attend one of her classes, have taken a teacher training she’s involved in, are part of the wild woman fest community, etc.)

Each mentorship program is unique and is tailored to the needs, aspirations, gifts and challenges of the given mentee. Prior mentorship programs have focused on Yoga Sutra, female anatomy, refining one’s voice as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. the art of teaching, Restorative Yoga skills, deepening one’s personal practice, hands on adjustments and more.

If you would like to open a dialogue regarding whether a mentorship program with Juliana is right for you, please reach out to her to inquire.